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Going through a divorce or other family law matter can be a challenging, emotional time, and it can be difficult to know the best decisions to make for yourself and your family. The Mississippi family law attorneys at the Hancock Law Firm in Jackson will give you an honest assessment of your situation and help you find the best solution that meets your needs. Whether you need an effective negotiator working collaboratively with the other party or a tough advocate who fights fairly but firmly in court, you will find our family lawyers prepared to listen to your needs with caring and compassion and guide you toward a positive outcome.

Mississippi Divorce Laws

Mississippi recognizes a no-fault ground for divorce, meaning it is not necessary to prove that the other party committed some type of misconduct in order to dissolve a marriage. As long as you meet the residency requirements and can prove irreconcilable differences with your spouse, obtaining a divorce is not difficult.

However, besides just dissolving the marriage, there are several issues which must also be addressed as part of the divorce process, including the equitable division of marital property, the payment of alimony (spousal support) or child support, and child custody. Unless the parties agree on all of these matters, the judge will decide them based on the evidence and arguments presented in court. In every one of these areas, the judge has a great deal of authority and discretion in deciding how to rule.

Whether negotiating a settlement with your spouse or litigating issues in court, it is essential to be represented by knowledgeable, experienced divorce lawyers with courtroom experience who can adequately address your interests. The decisions made in a divorce decree can affect you and your children for years to come, and it is crucial to get it done right at the start and to ensure that your rights are protected now and into the future.

Comprehensive Family Law Attorneys

The family law attorneys at the Hancock Law Firm engage in the full range of family law matters in Jackson, Mississippi, including paternity and adoption, among others.

Paternity – The issue of paternity may arise during a divorce or child custody dispute, or at any time in the life of a child. A child’s legal father can be responsible for child support and entitled to custody or visitation, so the issue of parentage can be critical to both spouses in a divorce or custody battle. Also, knowing one’s parentage is important to the child, who should know his or her family medical history and who may have rights related to inheritance or government benefits based on paternity. If you are seeking to establish or challenge paternity, we can represent you throughout the process and in any related matters which arise depending upon the outcome.

Adoption – One of the greatest joys of being a family law attorney is helping families come together and grow. Adopting a child can be a wonderful experience, but it is also a complicated legal process that can be frustrating and expensive, and a failed adoption can be heartbreaking. We work to avoid legal pitfalls and achieve a smooth, successful adoption. Let us help you with a private adoption, agency adoption, international adoption or stepparent adoption. Get Help from Experienced Attorneys with Your Jackson Family Law Matter

Throughout Jackson, Mississippi and surrounding communities such as Madison, Ridgeland and Flora, contact the Hancock Law Firm for sound advice and professional representation from a team of compassionate family law attorneys ready to serve you.

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