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Can I Force Someone to Take a Paternity Test in Mississippi?

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When we think of relationships, we rarely think of the legal ramifications of those bonds. However, when we do run into relational legal issues, it becomes apparent that the legality of relationships is extremely important. Arguably one of the most potent legal relationships is between parents and children, as parents have a legal obligation to care for their children; unfortunately, not every parent wants to take on this responsibility. When that’s the case, can you take matters into your own hands?

Can I Force Someone to Take a Paternity Test in Mississippi?

In short, the answer is maybe. You as an individual have no legal ability to force another person to give up their DNA for a paternity test. However, you can go file paperwork with a Mississippi court to request that they establish paternity for your child. In this process, a trusted family law attorney can help you file the necessary paperwork, and explain to a judge why he or she should force your child’s potential father to submit to a paternity test. If this process is successful, paternity will be established in a court mandate.

Here are some reasons why establishing paternity is essential:

  • Paternity allows you to collect child support payments;
  • Paternity allows you to have your child’s full medical history;
  • Paternity lets you put the name of the father on the child’s birth certificate.

To recap, you cannot force someone to take a paternity test, but a Mississippi judge can. As a court order is the only legal way to force someone to take a paternity test, it’s important to talk to a knowledgeable family law attorney about your case!

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