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At the Hancock Law Firm, we understand that you may have many different legal needs arising throughout your life. We aim to find cost-effective solutions and provide diligent legal representation in a wide range of areas. We can assist you if you need a Jackson estate planning attorney or guidance in a family law matter or a personal injury claim. Many Mississippi residents also enlist us for matters related to business formation, civil litigation, and Social Security Disability claims, as well as in the processes of appeals and mediation. Our clients trust us for the long haul, and we are committed to building relationships with them that last.

Assistance in Devising a Will or Trust

Estate planning is crucial, whether you are at the start of your adult life or past retirement. We can prepare wills, trusts, and powers of attorney, and we can help you with legacy estate planning. If you do not have a will, your property will be distributed according to Mississippi intestacy laws when you pass away. This may lead to a different result than what you would have preferred, which is why you should make sure to express your wishes clearly.

Many people prefer to avoid the expensive and time-consuming probate process by also creating a trust. There are several different types of trusts that you may wish to consider. For example, an AB trust can reduce your federal estate tax bill if you are wealthy. A living trust can be created while you are alive. You may serve as a trustee of your own trust, and any property that you put into the trust will be held for the benefit of the beneficiaries that you name.

Representation in a Divorce Proceeding

Mississippi recognizes several different grounds for divorce. There are both fault and no-fault divorces. A fault divorce means that the marriage is dissolved because of misconduct by one spouse, while a no-fault divorce does not require proof of any wrongdoing. In addition to dissolving the marriage, the divorce process often includes decisions about alimony, child support, child custody, and property division.

In Mississippi, property division is equitable, which means it is supposed to be fair, but it is not necessarily 50-50. Factors that a judge may consider when deciding which arrangement would be equitable include each spouse's need for financial security, the market and emotional values of each piece of property, contributions by each spouse, either spouse's disposal or waste of marital property, the value of each spouse’s separate property, tax consequences, and any need for alimony.

Aggressive Advocacy for Accident Victims

We represent people who have been injured in motor vehicle collisions, boating accidents, slip and falls, incidents of assault, or encounters with defective products, as well as families who have lost loved ones to a wrongful death. Some injuries are the result of intentional conduct, such as those arising out of assault, while many others are the result of negligence by one or more parties. To establish negligence, you will need to prove the duty of the defendant toward you, a breach of duty, causation, and damages. If you are able to prevail in a personal injury case, you likely can recover compensatory damages, such as medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering. Strict statutes of limitations apply to personal injury claims, so it is important to investigate and pursue legal action without delay.

Business Formation

The type of business structure that you choose, such as whether you decide to form an S corporation or an LLC, may have significant legal consequences, affecting everything from taxation to liability. Both of these business structures allow you to protect personal assets from business creditors and allow you to avoid paying certain taxes. However, an S corporation allows the owner to pay him or herself a salary and receive dividends from the corporation's profits. By contrast, all of the income and expenses of an LLC are reported on the personal income tax return of the owner. An LLC owner must pay self-employment taxes while also operating the entity as a separate business. We can advise you on choosing an appropriate business form for your specific objectives.

Civil Litigation

We are experienced civil litigators who can handle many forms of business disputes and consumer law actions. Many business disputes turn on breaches of contract. These may occur when a party to the contract fails to perform, stops the other party from performing, or declares an intention not to perform its obligations under the contract. Consumer lawsuits often involve various forms of fraud or deceptive business practices, such as violations of the Motor Vehicle Warranty Enforcement Act. We can work to help you seek remedies under this law or others.

Social Security Disability

If you become disabled, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits from the federal government. Qualifying for SSDI involves satisfying both medical requirements and non-medical requirements related to your assets and ability to earn income. Our attorneys can advise you during the initial claims process and guide you through the many phases of appeals that are available if your claim is denied.


Not all trial attorneys are also experienced appellate attorneys. An appeal may be brought if there was an error or misapplication of law at the lower court level that was substantial enough to warrant a rehearing, a reversal, or another remedy. For example, it would be appropriate to appeal if a trial judge allowed inadmissible evidence to be heard, and this evidence prejudiced the jury against you. We are experienced trial lawyers and appellate lawyers, and we can bring an appeal, if an error was made in your case.


The trial process may be highly stressful and contentious. Many cases resolve more smoothly through mediation. The parties work with a neutral third party (known as a mediator) so that they can try to reach a solution to their dispute without going to trial. Our firm understands how a judge is likely to view your case and can help you communicate with the other party to achieve a satisfactory resolution short of going to trial. Our experienced mediators can help resolve disputes arising out of family law, business law, and estate administration.

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