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3 Things You Should Know about Mississippi Divorce

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Divorce can be a challenging experience for couples and families. If you live in the state of Mississippi, there are three things you should know about divorce so you can properly prepare yourself for this transition.

Mississippi Divorce Requirements

If you’re filing for divorce in Mississippi, you must meet the residency requirements for the state. You must have been a resident of Mississippi for at least six months before you can file for divorce. You and your spouse are also considered residents of Mississippi if either of you is a member of the armed forces and are stationed in the state.

Grounds for divorce in Mississippi fall under two categories: fault and no-fault. For a no-fault divorce, both parties can cite “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the divorce. For a fault divorce, legal explanations for the end of marriage include adultery, incest, cruel and inhumane treatment, impotence, insanity for up to three years, desertion for up to a year, or one spouse not possessing the mental capacity to agree to a divorce.

Mississippi residents can also file for divorce if one spouse is abusing drugs and alcohol since this puts the other spouse and the family in danger. The courts will also review the case to determine whether the couple has children under the age of 18. If there are minor children in the family, the divorcing couple must make proper custody arrangements, which could include joint custody or visitation rights for the non-custodial parent.

Considering Divorce? Hire the Right Representation

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