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Going through a divorce or other family law matter can be a challenging, emotional time, and it can be difficult to know the best decisions to make for yourself and your family. It’s important that you seek skilled legal counsel during this time. At Hancock Law Firm, our Ridgeland family law attorneys are skilled, experienced, and results-driven advocates for clients. We will give you an honest assessment of your situation and help you find the best solution that meets your needs. To set up a fully private, no-obligation initial consultation with a top-rated Mississippi family lawyer, please call our Ridgeland law office or send us a message directly online. 

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Comprehensive Legal Help with Family Law In Mississippi

Family is important. All family law cases should be handled with the utmost care, sensitivity, professionalism, and personal support. We know how much your family matters. At Hancock Law Firm, our attorneys provide comprehensive family law representation that you can count on when you need help the most. We engage in the full range of family law cases, including:

  • Divorce: We understand the challenges of ending a marriage. Our Ridgeland, MS divorce lawyers are standing by, ready to help you find the best path forward. We provide comprehensive divorce law services and can help you with no-fault divorce, fault-based divorce, uncontested divorce, contested divorce, and divorce mediation.
  • Property Division: Mississippi is an equitable distribution state. When a couple gets divorced, their jointly-held property is divided in a manner deemed “fair” given the specific circumstances of the case. With experience handling complex divorces, we will protect your rights. 
  • Child Support: In Mississippi, parents have a legal duty to provide support to their kids. A non-custodial parent may need to pay child support. At Hancock Law Firm, PLLC, our family lawyers handle the full spectrum of child support cases.
  • Child Custody: For parents, going through a custody or visitation dispute can be especially challenging. Nothing should interfere with your relationship with your child. Mississippi is a ‘best interests of the child’ state—we can help you navigate the system to protect your parental rights. 
  • Step-Parent Adoption: Step-parent adoptions are complicated. With experience representing clients in both uncontested and contested step-parent adoptions, our Mississippi family lawyers are here to help you navigate the legal process. If you have questions about step-parent adoption, please give us a call. 
  • Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements: Couples have a right to sign a prenup or postnup in Mississippi to handle property division in the event of a future separation. However, these agreements may only be upheld if certain criteria are met. The family lawyers at Hancock Law Firm draft, review, and negotiate the terms of prenups and postnups.
  • Modification of Final Judgments: Under state law, a final judgment in a family law case may be subject to modification in certain circumstances. For example, child custody, child support, and spousal support may also be modified if the situation has changed. If you have any questions about the modification of a final judgment, we are here to help. 

Mississippi Divorce Laws

Mississippi recognizes a no-fault ground for divorce, meaning it isn’t necessary to prove the other committed some type of misconduct in order to dissolve a marriage. As long as you meet the residency requirements and can prove irreconcilable differences with your spouse, obtaining a divorce is not difficult. However, in addition to dissolving the marriage, there are several issues that must also be addressed as part of the divorce process. These issues include the following:

  • Equitable division of marital property; 
  • Payment of alimony (spousal support); 
  • Payment of child support; and
  • Child custody. 

Unless the parties agree on all of these matters, the judge will decide them based on the evidence and arguments presented in court. In every one of these areas, the judge has a great deal of authority and discretion in deciding how to rule. Whether negotiating a settlement with your spouse or litigating issues in court, it is essential to be represented by knowledgeable divorce lawyers with courtroom experience who can adequately address your interests. The decisions made in a divorce decree can affect you and your children for years to come; it is crucial to get it done right at the start to ensure that your rights are protected now and into the future.

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At Hancock Law Firm, our Mississippi family law attorneys are committed to building relationships that last a lifetime. We believe that you deserve top-quality, personalized representation from a lawyer who is truly invested in your case. If you have any questions about family law, we are here to get you reliable answers. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help. Consultations are always strictly confidential. From our Ridgeland law office, we provide family law services throughout the surrounding area, including Madison and Brandon.


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