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Ridgeland Civil Litigation Attorneys

When you come to the Hancock Law Firm, you will find a team of trial attorneys experienced in trials and appeals in state and federal courts. We know litigation is not the answer to every dispute, and our lawyers take a cost-conscious, solution-oriented approach to solving your legal problem through the most effective means possible.

However, when litigation is appropriate, we apply our skills, abilities, and experience toward providing strong, effective representation at every stage of a legal proceeding. Our litigators are here to help with any Mississippi civil matter, in particular representing parties in business and commercial disputes and consumer law matters.

Business & Commercial Disputes

Given the multitude of transactions most businesses enter into every day with customers, vendors, suppliers, and other entities, business disputes are bound to arise. Some of them will require formal legal assistance to resolve. Dealing with a business dispute can distract key employees and keep the company from maintaining its optimal performance. Often, it is important that business disputes be resolved quickly, but it is essential that the company’s best interests are protected in the present moment and into the future. Our attorneys will work with you from the outset to understand your needs concerning the litigation and devise an effective trial strategy designed to fit your budget and achieve your goals. We represent clients in breach of contract disputes and business torts, as well as partnership and shareholder disputes and other matters of corporate governance.

Consumer Law

Mississippi maintains a long list of laws designed to protect the consumer from fraud and deceptive business practices. From the Motor Vehicle Warranty Enforcement Act (lemon law) to unfair debt collection practices and identity theft, we look out for the consumer and make sure you are fully compensated for any harm that was done to you through deceit. Our consumer lawyers take on telemarketing and home repair scams that prey on the elderly, unscrupulous auto dealers who fail to disclose a car’s accident history or include unfair terms in an auto loan or lease, and retailers who engage in false advertising, bait, and switch and other unfair trade practices.

Experienced Courtroom Litigators for Your Civil Dispute

If you need to pursue a legal matter in Ridgeland that may lead to litigation, or if you have been served with papers in a civil lawsuit in Madison County or surrounding areas, call on a law firm with a team of experienced trial attorneys who can protect your rights and promote your interests. Call Hancock Law Firm at (601) 853-2223.

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