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Drug Crime Attorneys in Brandon, MS

Your Drug Charge Defense Team

Florida treats drug charges harshly because of the state’s geographical link to drug trafficking. This correlation increases punishment for possession and other drug charges exponentially. You do not want to lose your rights over a mistake, or because you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. You need the legal guidance of an experienced drug defense lawyer from Hancock Law Firm, PLLC. We have worked on both sides of the law, so we know what it takes to build a strong defense.

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Drug Charges

Three main charges can be categorized as drug crimes, each punishable in corresponding severity. They are as follows:

  • Drug Possession: Possession of controlled substances is punishable depending upon the substance, the amount on your person or under your control, prior criminal history, the nature of the charge and the available substance abuse programs in your area. Your attorney’s knowledge of the options available and the specifics of the substance is critical in these cases.
  • Drug Dealing: This charge is punishable to the fullest extent of the law due to its connection with drug trafficking and violent criminal activity in Florida. The circumstances of your arrest are key in your defense regarding drug dealing. The priority here is to determine if your offense can be considered drug dealing or not. Your attorney will examine if, at the time of your arrest, any other people were present, the location of the drugs in correspondence to the client, whether the drugs were for personal use, etc.
  • Drug Trafficking: Conviction of this crime comes with mandatory prison sentences, penalties and extensive probation. Even if you are not found to be a “drug dealer,” you will be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Civil penalties may also apply, including seizure of your home, vehicle, money, or business, i.e. anything that could be linked to the crime.

Regardless of the category of your criminal charge, it is imperative that you retain legal counsel as quickly as possible after your arrest so your defense team has ample time to prepare your case. You do not want to be left in the dark. Contact our team and have an ally in your fight against your charges.

Brandon Drug Defense Lawyers

If you are facing drug charges, you want to be represented by an attorney you can trust, one who has the experience and knowledge needed to win your case. At Hancock Law Firm, our criminal defense lawyer is prepared to fight for you, utilizing past insight from both sides of the law to provide the best defense possible. In Florida, drug charges are not taken lightly. Don’t risk fighting your charges alone. Let our team work with you to protect your rights.

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