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DUI Defense Lawyers in Brandon, MS

How Hancock Law Firm Can Help

If you’ve been arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) you need a good defense lawyer to guide you through the trial process and build a strong defense to protect your future as much as possible. When convicted, DUI charges can affect your criminal record, your reputation, your financial well-being and your civil rights, not to mention your driving privileges.

DUI is defined as operating or being in physical control of a vehicle while being impaired beyond your normal capacities, or with an unlawful blood alcohol level.

Prosecutors must prove that you were in control of the vehicle and under the influence above 0.08 BAC, or at a point that your normal faculties were impaired, such as walking, talking, making judgements, or reacting properly in an emergency. As your defense team, it is our job is to build a defense against the accusations of the prosecution and protect your rights to the best of our ability. Our confidence lies in our years of experience and dedication to our clients.

DUI Defenses

Contesting charges and minimizing the consequences of a DUI charge requires a strong defense based upon one or more of several foundations. Defense factors include:

  • Challenging the results or administration of the BAC test
  • Determining the validity of field sobriety test results
  • Uncovering biases or inaccuracies of law enforcement officers
  • Contesting assumption of “normal faculties”
  • Suppressing evidence due to improper testing or lack of consent
  • Exposing an improper traffic stop
  • Excluding certain types of law enforcement testimony

By examining all aspects of your case, our DUI attorney will prepare a defense designed to protect and preserve your rights and minimize punishment.

DUI Defense Lawyer

At Hancock Law Firm, it is our goal to build a solid case and to stand by our clients through the trial process. Facing DUI charges can be frustrating and nerve-wracking. It pays to retain the criminal law counsel of someone who knows the law and how to fight DUI charges, someone from Hancock Law Firm.

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