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Mississippi Alienation of Affection Attorney

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Unhappy coupleIn the state of Mississippi, if a spouse believes that there was third party pressure that led to divorce or abandonment, the deserted wife or husband could have a case against that third party. These cases can be difficult to understand without the proper guidance from an experienced Madison County divorce attorney. These complex common law tort cases have a number of requirements and may be difficult to prove, which is why working with a skilled firm through your matter may be in your best interest.

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More about Alienation of Affection Cases

While these cases are currently only recognized in six jurisdictions across the United States, it is a beneficial tort for those who feel there was a case for third party interference that led to their divorce.

Requirements and limitations in alienation matters include:

  • If a spouse, male or female, feels that they have been deprived of companionship or services due to their partner being interested in other affection, a case could be presented.
  • A spouse does not necessarily need to prove adultery occurred, but it is often a strong start to an alienation of affection case. Cases are not limited to infidelity.
  • A business or organization could be held liable for alienation of affection if a spouse feels their partner’s job responsibilities led to their divorce.
  • The statute of limitations for an alienation of affection case is three years.

Things can get complicated in these types of cases. Our Madison County divorce attorney at Hancock is ready to walk you through the process. We provide personalized representation, as these cases are unique to your specific situation.

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