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Brandon Traffic Attorneys

Hancock Law Firm Knows How to Fight for the Rights of Drivers

Almost every motorist has been pulled over at some point in their life. No matter how good a driver you are, it’s basically inevitable that you are going to make a few minor mistakes. When this happens, there is a good chance you are going to be issued a ticket. However, police officers are too often prone to writing traffic tickets for arbitrary reasons, or unfairly targeting individuals based on obscure, random, and unfair justifications.

While you may think the best way to take care of a traffic ticket is to simply pay it and then move on with your life, this is not necessarily the case. The infraction stemming from that ticket can linger on your driving record, leading to points on your license. This in turn can make it difficult when it comes time to renew your license, or when it comes to getting and holding on to your commercial driver’s license. In a worst case scenario, if you have more than one tickets, you could end up having your licensed revoked altogether. This is to say nothing of your auto insurance, which is likely to skyrocket with every new set of points that goes on your driving record.

If you want to keep your auto insurance rates low and protect your right to the road, make sure to call a skilled Brandon traffic lawyer at Hancock Law Firm as soon as possible. We offer seasoned legal counsel for a range of traffic offenses, and promise to work as hard as possible to ensure you can hold on to your license and avoid paying steep fines.

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When Should I Hire a Traffic Offense Lawyer

The unfortunate fact of the matter is that when it comes to moving violations, there are literally hundreds of infractions that you can receive a traffic citation for. Each subsequent violation you are charged with will carry a varying set of points on your driving record, which will remain there for any number of years—depending on whether you choose to fight your ticket or not. For instance, a speeding offense will generally result in two points being put on your license. However, if you get caught speeding on an interstate highway, the Highway Patrol may dock you three points. Driving without proof of insurance or financial responsibility will generally cost you four points, but if this occurs while you are involved in a traffic accident, you will lose an additional two points as well.

In the state of Missouri:

  • Receiving eight points in 18 months may result in a 30 day driving suspension
  • Receiving 16 points in 18 months may result in a 60 day driving suspension
  • Receiving 24 points in 18 months may result in a 90 day driving suspension
  • Receiving 12 points in 12 months will result in a driver’s license suspension
  • Receiving 18 points in 24 months will result in a driver’s license suspension
  • Receiving 24 points in 36 months will result in a driver’s license suspension

If you have recently received a traffic ticket, there is hope. For a Brandon traffic offense lawyer offering assistance for a variety of violations, make sure to call Hancock Law Firm. Our legal team is backed by over 50 years of experience, and are familiar with all relevant traffic court rules and statutes. Remember, you will have a much easier time beating your ticket you hire an attorney. So remember, the next time you are stopped by a cop, make sure that Hancock Law Firm is your first call.

We offer representation in Brandon, MS for traffic offenses including:

  • Speeding
  • Running a red light
  • Making an illegal turn
  • Failure to come to a complete stop at a light/sign
  • Failure to observe the right-of-way
  • Changing lanes without signaling
  • Unlawful use of the diamond/carpool lane
  • Driving without functional turn signals/lights
  • Driving at night without headlights
  • Driving on the shoulder/over the median
  • Driving without wearing a seatbelt
  • Aggressive driving
  • Failure to provide a driver’s license
  • Failure to provide proof of insurance
  • And more

Why Trust Hancock Law Firm?

For over two decades, Hancock Law Firm has been going above and beyond to deliver results for our clients. We pride ourselves on developing close relationships with those we serve and offering fierce advocacy for clients’ in their greatest periods of need. We are involved in our community and contribute to charities including the American Cancer Society and Cancer League because we truly care about making the world a better place. If you are fighting a Branding traffic offense and looking for five-star-legal assistance, hire a team you know you can trust, hire the skilled criminal defense attorneys at Hancock Law Firm.

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