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5 Effective Ways of Avoiding a Child Custody Case

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Every child custody battle is nerve-wracking, both to the parents and their child. As a parent, it can be challenging to negotiate a custody arrangement with someone you are no longer with. Emotions might be running high, and fighting can become more prevalent during this time. However, a child custody battle can be extremely harmful to a child’s wellbeing. These are some of the primary reasons why it is wise to avoid this kind of contentious case as much as possible. Here are some of the most effective ways of preventing a child custody battle.

1. Communicate

It’s essential to be able to communicate respectfully with your ex. You both need to be able to discuss what is best for your child; not fight about it. It’s harmful to children to see their parents arguing, and can make the situation all the more difficult for everyone involved.

If it is too hard to communicate with your child’s other parent in person, consider finding an alternative method. Options could include emailing, texting, or downloading a co-parenting app that has messaging and scheduling capabilities.

2. Be Informed

Knowing Mississippi’s child custody laws can help avoid a custody battle. If you know these details, you can be able to resolve custody issues efficiently. When a judge makes custody decisions, they base it on what is in the child’s best interest. Knowing what this means and how a child’s best interest is determined can be beneficial in making better choices when it comes to your child custody case.

Additionally, in Mississippi, if the child is twelve years or older, they can state which parent they want to live with. While the court does not have to honor a child’s preference, it can be helpful to know their input and keep their wishes in mind when deciding custody.

3. Be Aware of Your Social Presence

Your social media presence can bring more conflict to your custody case. If you post anything about your ex or show bad parenting behavior like excessive partying, your ex could get upset and retaliate in court.

Additionally, anything on your social media profiles can be used against you in your case. Always remember to think about how something would look in the eyes of a court before you decide to post it.

4. Be Flexible

No parent wants to give up time with their child. Unfortunately, this is the case for separated or divorced parents. Sharing custody means both parents will need to be flexible with each other.

Listen to each other’s preferences and try to compromise on something that will work for both of you. It might not be the easiest thing to do, but if you can cooperate and agree on a custody arrangement without getting into a heated argument, all parties will be much happier in the end.

5. Hire a Child Custody Attorney

People can end up in huge custody battles because they fail to prepare legally. However, in matters involved with children, it is crucial to contact a Ridgeland child custody lawyer. A family law attorney can ensure you, and your child’s best interest is protected during a custody case.

Also, Mississippi’s custody laws and regulations can get confusing. However, when you have reliable legal advice and representation, you are better equipped to handle the various minor and significant problems that arise in a child custody case.

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