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What’s the Best Valentine Gift this Year?

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What does real love look like; a diamond ring, a new car, a big house? While these things show affection, real love doesn’t look like a thing: it’s an act. To be more specific, real love is thousands of acts that all have one thing in common: self-sacrifice.

Real love is when you’re willing to give anything and everything for another person: with no strings attached. Real love is caring so much for someone else that their needs always come before your own. Real love is when you create a situation where your family will be taken care of, even if you aren’t around. This Valentine’s day: real love looks like creating a will for your family.

Why a Will?

Good spouses work hard to provide for their family’s present needs, but great spouses work hard to plan for their family’s future needs. Not to get too dark, but the reality is that you can’t guarantee you’ll be with your spouse or kids tomorrow; however, you can plan and guarantee your family’s future success by creating a will today.

Here’s what a will can do for your family:

  • Helps your family avoid the probate process;
  • Ensures your assets are split the way you see fit;
  • Makes the transition of your assets faster, less expensive, and less burdensome for your loved ones;
  • Prevents your family from arguing over assets;
  • Appoints a guardian over minors (if necessary).

Do You Want to Protect Your Family?

If you want to protect your family from the unknown, Hancock Law Firm is ready to help. Our experienced estate planning attorneys can help you determine your assets, draft your will, and submit the necessary paperwork to ensure your family’s future. Show your family you love them by providing for their future needs now.

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