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Why March Has the Highest Divorce Rate in America

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Divorces are a common occurrence, as reportedly 50% of all marriages will end in divorce; however, divorces are not spread out evenly across the year. In fact, the divorce rate spikes at different times throughout the year, peaking in March and hitting a valley in December. In this blog post, Hancock Law Firm explores this phenomenon to determine why March sees the highest divorce rate.

Possible Reasons Why March Has the Highest Divorce Rate

1. Post-Holiday Season

One potential reason March sees the highest divorce rate is that it’s the perfect distance away from the holiday season. In January and February, families are usually still full of good tidings of cheer, which means they’re willing to put up with the quirks of their partners for a little while longer.

However, two months after the holidays the sleigh bells are no longer ringing, which leaves spouses to remember the problems and frustrations of their marriage.

2. Valentine’s Day Disasters

Another potential reason for the high divorce rate is that days like Valentine’s Day can force people to deal with their marital problems. A day that’s supposed to be dedicated to love has a way of showing couples that they’ve fallen out of love, resulting in a call to an experienced divorce attorney.

By the time the papers are drafted, and the petitioner is ready to serve the papers, it’s March.

3. New Year, Same Problems

Many couples are rejuvenated by the new year, and maybe their new year’s resolutions are to work harder on their marriages. However, after a couple of months of dealing with the same problems from last year, the only solution to the problem becomes clear: it’s time to file for a divorce.

Representation that Cares

Regardless of the cause, hiring the right representation can have a drastic impact on your divorce case. If you’re interested in talking about or starting the divorce process, Hancock Law Firm can help.

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