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Divorce Attorneys in Madison, MS

Mississippi Divorce Lawyers Representing Clients Throughout Madison County

Getting divorced is never easy. There are so many complex emotional, financial, and legal issues that need to be resolved. At Hancock Law Firm, PLLC, our Madison divorce attorneys are committed to providing the highest level of personal support and legal representation to each and every client. If you have questions about divorce, we are more than happy to help. To set up a fully confidential initial consultation with a skilled Mississippi divorce lawyer, please contact our law firm today. 

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What to Know About the Divorce Laws and Procedures in Mississippi

If you are preparing for a divorce, it is normal to be confused. The process is complicated. As a starting point, you should have a basic understanding of the divorce laws and procedures in Mississippi. Here are four key things that you need to know: 

  • There is a Residency Requirement: To file for divorce in Mississippi, a couple must satisfy the residency requirement. Under Mississippi Code § 93-5-5, at least one spouse must have lived in the state for the previous six months.
  • Mississippi Allows for ‘No-Fault’ Divorce: Most divorcing couples in our state opt to separate on ‘no-fault’ grounds. You can get divorced based on irreconcilable differences. It is generally faster (and more cost-effective) to get a no-fault divorce. That being said, Mississippi does allow for at-fault divorce as well. Call our Madison, MS lawyers to learn more. 
  • Equitable Property Distribution: Marital property is divided under the Mississippi equitable distribution standard. Each spouse is entitled to a “fair” portion of the marital property. An equitable distribution might be a 50/50, but that is not required by state law. 
  • Parents Must Work Out Custody, Visitation, and Child Support: Finally, parents of young children should be ready to work out a custody & visitation arrangement and, potentially, child support. If you are a parent with questions about your rights, call our Madison divorce attorneys today. 

You Can Trust the Mississippi Divorce Attorneys at Hancock Law Firm 

You do not have to go through a divorce on your own. At Hancock Law Firm, PLLC, we are committed to helping people navigate the process—protecting their rights and working towards amicable solutions whenever possible. Our Madison divorce lawyers are ready to:

  • Listen to your story and answer your questions about divorce in Mississippi;
  • Help you gather records and complete all legal paperwork; 
  • Work towards a divorce agreement with your former partner; and
  • Take all necessary legal action to protect your parental rights and financial interests.

Every divorce is different. You deserve a Madison, MS family law attorney who will take the time to handle your case the right way. With an emphasis on reducing conflict and preserving relationships, our Mississippi lawyers are also trial-tested advocates who are always ready to take action to protect your rights. 

Call Our Madison, MS Divorce Lawyers for Immediate Help

At Hancock Law Firm, PLLC, our Mississippi divorce law attorneys are seasoned, solutions-driven legal advocates for our clients. If you have questions about marital separation, we are here to help. Contact us now for a strictly private review of your case. We represent clients in divorce cases throughout Madison County.

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