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Will Contests Lawyer in Madison, MS

Have Questions About Probate Law or Will Contests? Our Madison, MS Attorneys Can Help

At Hancock Law Firm, PLLC, our Madison will contests attorney represents people and families with diligence, personal attention, and the highest level of professional skill. No matter your individual circumstances, our legal team is here to help you find the best path forward. If you have any questions about will contests in Mississippi, give us a call today. Initial consultations are always strictly confidential.

What are the Grounds to Challenge a Will in Mississippi?

Writing a will is an important part of the estate planning process. A will allows a person to clarify their final wishes and control what happens to their property/assets. That being said, not all wills are drafted properly. In Mississippi, a will can be contested on several grounds, including: 

  • Duplication: If there are multiple, contradictory wills, a probate court may be called upon to determine which one is valid. 
  • Forgery: In some cases, wills are forged. You can challenge a will on the grounds that it is a forged legal document. 
  • Lack of Capacity: Under Mississippi law, a person must be of sound legal mind in order to write, revise, or revoke their will. The document can be challenged if a person lacked mental capacity at the time the will was written or changed. 
  • Lack of Intent: Finally, certain terms within a will can be challenged on the grounds that a particular reading or interpretation is not consistent with the true intent of the testator.

The individual(s) challenging a will must initiate their contest before the statute of limitations expires. In Madison County, MS, you have two years from the date probate was opened to contest a “common form probate” will. However, you have less time to challenge a “solemn form probate” will. 

You Can Rely on the Madison Will Contests Lawyer at Hancock Law Firm

Probate disputes are notoriously complex. Whatever side of the will contest you are on, you do not have to go through it alone. At Hancock Law Firm, PLLC, we are strong, supportive, and proactive advocates for our clients. Among other things, our Madison will contest attorneys are prepared to: 

  • Answer your questions and explain your options;
  • Investigate the issue, gathering the evidence to support your position;
  • Handle all of the probate paperwork and other legal paperwork; 
  • Represent you in any settlement negotiations; and
  • Take your case as far as needed to solve the issue. 

You have a right to personalized, attentive representation. With deep experience and knowledge in a wide range of probate and estate administration matters, you can rely on our Madison, MS will contest attorneys to handle your case properly. 

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At Hancock Law Firm, PLLC, our Mississippi probate & estate administration attorneys have extensive experience representing clients in will contests. We will protect your rights and help you find the best path forward. Give us a call or contact us online for a strictly private initial consultation. Our firm provides probate law and probate litigation services all over Madison County, including in Ridgeland, Madison, Canton, Flora, and Gluckstadt.